Robert Biro and Kathy Ireland at the Worlds #1 Wealth Networking Conference

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Testimonials for Robert Biro

He is Very positive and Motivating and Does Not Judge.

“Rob listened to what my goals are and how I want to brand myself and gave a lot of great ideas and information that I am excited to get working on. He is very positive and motivating and does not judge. I look forward to doing business together in the future and growing professionally and personally because of his knowledge and creativity.” - January 16, 2013 Lisa Haupt

Robert Would be an Asset to Any Company!

“Robert has solid technical skills and is easy to work with,he has impressed me with his enthusiasm and initiative. Robert would be an asset to any company.” – October 31, 2009 Stefano Ferri, Tech Ops Analyst at Tier 2 support, J.P Morgan Chase

Robert is a True Team Player!

“Robert is a very personable and well rounded, The documentation he provided during the Chase Conversion, proved an invaluable tool to all technicians working the project. Although Robert was on a different team, in an entirely different room, he made sure to check on the other teams. Robert is a true team player and an asset to any project. I look forward to working with him again.” - October 8, 2009 James Papp, Tier Two Help Desk Technician, JP Morgan Chase

Knowledgeable , Great Value, Dedicated

“Robert knows his stuff and is very helpful. He helps you understand it in a way that it works for you. he is a good worker.. and knows how to helps us when we need it. You cant go wrong with him he is knowledge, affordable, and dedicated. Cant go wrong with Robert.” - October 8, 2012 Tony Haboush

I Highly Recommend Any Business to Work With Robert

“I had the privilege to meet with Robert Biro regarding my business. I am extremely excited to have a professional business coach like Robert to work with. He understands the meaning and purpose of my business and I could feel his enthusiasm about getting my company in the right direction. He immediately gave me a game plan in the direction I want to see my company grow. I highly recommend any business to work with Robert.” - March 15, 2013 Working with Parents Terry Manrique, Expert Parent Coach

He's an Excellent Choice to Help Business People

“If you were to watch Robert in action, you would see focus, clarity, thoughtfulness and kindness all rolled into an effective communication that catches everyone’s attention. We belong to the same business group, Entrepreneurs’ Connection, where his presence helped identify and shift directions for projects and where Robert’s steadfastness offered us resources we did not have before. In personal interactions Robert represents a quality of listening that transcends culture and beliefs, a rare tool that is shared by only the best of coaches. Steeped in the literature of our time for coaches and leaders, Robert has integrated these teachings and tools, has used them to advance himself and is therefore an excellent choice to help business people in their desire to expand and focus their message and work.”  - Henriette Alban ND, LIVING IN BALANCE

Truly a Unique Experience Working With Robert

“Working with Rob is truly a unique experience. Rob not only performs the duties he commits to but “always” has them completed on or before the scheduled completion day and time. More impressive though is the thoroughness with his work. His diligence makes the work of everyone else involved a lot easier and less tenuous.”  – Chuck Holder, President, Entrepreneurs’ Connection

Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Robert took the time to find out what was causing me difficulty and made recommendations that I was able to implement immediately. I have excelled professionally as well as personally because of Robert’s expert coaching ability.” June 30, 2012 -Paula Wiley